What is ICKipedia?

ICKipedia Theatre is a podcast which pits classical works of theatre against their contemporary adaptations in an effort to poke fun at — and poke holes in — the western canon.

In each episode, we adapt an unsuspecting work of classic theatre from its truest, most distilled form: its Wikipedia plot summary. These scripts are anti-adaptations, stripping the classics down to an absurd simplicity. When we strip away colorful language, poetic metre, and all nuance, we are left with a ridiculous core: plot.

“LADY MACBETH: Macbeth, I don’t share your skepticism regarding the prophecies from the witches. I wish that you would kill Duncan so that you will take the throne.

MACBETH: I don’t think I should kill Duncan.

LADY MACBETH: No, you should kill Duncan. The fact that you don’t want to kill Duncan makes me fundamentally challenge your manhood.

MACBETH: Now I’m convinced to kill Duncan, and I plan to do it tonight.

We perform these immaculate pieces of performance art in conversation with some actually good work — a contemporary adaptation by a living playwright. This juxtaposition allows us to draw attention to emerging playwrights and to explore the ways modern writers remix the source material.

There have been hundreds of thousands of stories written throughout history; why do the works of the western canon perservere? While the concept of universality is a white supremacist myth, the fact that modern writers continue to engage with these texts makes us wonder: where are the points of resonance between these classic texts and the present day? What wounds have these works subtley carved into our collective consciousness, and how can they be treated through reclamation of the source material?

In summary: We Hate Shakespeare!

More specifically, we are continually disappointed by the lack of support for new work in the United States and the consistent reticence of theatre companies to produce and engage with living writers. We want to uplift and amplify as many artists as we can, not purely in opposition to the canon, but in the interest of telling relevant stories and getting working artists paid.

Who’s Behind the Mic?

Joshua Brown

(Co-Producer // Sound Designer) is a multimedia artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He holds a BHA and an AMS from Carnegie Mellon.

Lauren D’Errico

(Co-Producer // ICKmaster) is a librettist, playwright, and screenwriter (and sometimes DJ). She holds a BA from Purchase College and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon.

Support ICKipedia Theatre!

ICKipedia is a non-profit podcast which relies on donations from Listeners Like You. We donate a portion of each episode’s fundraising goal toward Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, without which our work would be for naught.